Washroom hygiene

Washroom Hygiene

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Washroom Hygiene

If your company has any female employees, or if women from other companies visit your premises, in many cases you can break employment law, environmental law or health and safety law without even knowing it.

You may be breaking the law if you don’t provide a sanitary waste disposal bin. The ‘Duty of Care’ Act demands that sanitary waste is managed to the point of disposal. Waste must be carried by a licensed carrier and a full audit trail of documentation must be available at all times. Failure to comply can lead to a large fine or a term of imprisonment.

This applies to all commercial premises, even if only one female is employed. 

This regulation is further endorsed by theWater Industries Act 1991, which states that no items should be flushed that could cause a blockage within the sewer or drain.

As employers, we are all bound by law to provide adequate and appropriate washroom facilities for our staff

Hodge Services have teamed up with Sanaway to offer some of the best washroom hygiene services at competitive rates.

Washroom Hygiene Services include:

Feminine hygiene, air fresheners, urinal sanitisers, nappy disposal, soap dispensers, seat sanitisers, vending machines, hand drying, sharps & clinical waste and entrance matting

Our Commitment

We will deal promptly with all services issues that may arise.
Our staff will be trained, uniformed and screened.
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We will meet all H&S and environmental obligations.
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