School & College Cleaning Services

School and educational institutions are busy premises used and visited by both adults and children. Therefore, school & college cleaning services are vital to ensure that all facilities that are used and visited are kept in a safe and hygienic state. Educational property cleaning must be done thoroughly, within time schedule and as safely as possible. Hodge Services will provide trained and experienced cleaners to provide the best cleaning and hygiene solutions, whilst ensuring safety in your school premises. We have a number of clients that we offer school cleaning services for in Surrey.

Regular Contract Cleaning

We can provide daily cleaning services, or simply as often as you require. We recommend daily cleaning in school environments, to adhere to hygiene standards. We will provide trained and capable staff, along with all the required cleaning products and equipment.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning in a school environment is often time-consuming, due to the volume of furniture moved and the difficult places being reached. We can provide deep cleaning services, as and when suits you – most commonly utilised in half-terms.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

From dust and dirt to crumbs and gum – carpets can become immensely dirty in schools and educational environments. Not only do dirt carpets look unprofessional, but they can quickly become immensely unhygienic. We can provide thorough carpet and floor cleaning services, to make your carpets look as good as new. Again, this service is most popular during half-terms.