Retail Shopping & Cleaning Services

Retail and shopping centres have need regular cleaning as they have high volumes of people visiting them.  For public safety especially since Covid-19 all public business areas need to ensure that they take every measure they can to ensure that their premises are properly cleaned.  Our commercial cleaning services can ensure that all necessary cleaning requirements are met.

Regular Contract

Hodge Services can offer you frequent cleaning services – spanning from daily to as often as you require. We will supply experienced and trained cleaning staff along with all the necessary cleaning products and equipment.

Deep Cleaning

To guarantee a fully clean office environment, often a deep clean is required. This service covers areas that are not reachable on daily cleans, such as roofline (other high areas), behind furniture and thorough kitchen equipment cleaning etc.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

It can be a time-consuming task, to move furniture and thoroughly clean the entire carpet and floor surface. Therefore, it is often advised that carpets are cleaned annually, to prevent excessive levels of dust disturbed in the office from becoming rooted in the carpet