We provide cleaning services in Farnham

Hodge Services provide cleaning service including office cleaning Farnham and support services.  They are situated in Woking, Surrey, that is owned by a family. With a commercial client list of over 100 clients across Farnham, Surrey and Hampshire, we’ve been in business for over 25 years.

Hodge Services’ success is built on a talented management team and personalized after-sales service. Managed absence cover, comforting quality control processes, and a fully customisable cleaning service adapted to your specific needs give you the peace of mind that your cleaning is in good hands.

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What commercial cleaning services do you offer in Farnham?

Leisure Facility Cleaning Services:

Cleanliness and hygiene at recreational facilities are critical to your company’s performance and reputation. With so much foot traffic and so many first-time guests, maintaining a clean environment that looks professional and feels hygienic is critical. We can provide cleaning workers who are experienced and insured to provide thorough and dependable cleaning for your recreational facility.

Deep cleaning – Due to the time-consuming labor involved, deep cleaning at famous hotels and leisure facilities can be a difficult chore to complete. Our professional cleaners, on the other hand, will make the job as easy as possible for you while assuring a complete and deep clean that leaves your house pristine. This service includes cleaning all of the hard-to-reach areas that a typical cleaning contract service cannot.

Carpet and floor cleaning – With so many people using your facilities on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that dirt and debris accumulate deep into your carpets. It is significantly more cost effective to provide appropriate care to extend the life of your hotel and leisure carpets than to replace them on a regular basis. We can give a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of your carpets, restoring its vitality and color.

Commercial Cleaning Services:

One of the most crucial components in creating a lively and effective office environment is cleanliness. A well-kept office creates a professional and pleasant working environment. Hodge Services Ltd can take care of commercial cleaning so you can concentrate on running a profitable business. Our cleaning crew is available to keep the office area clean on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your needs. Our office cleaning staff has considerable expertise in Woking, Guildford, Aldershot, and the surrounding areas. We are a flexible and dependable office cleaning company because our crew travels around the South East of the UK to various clients.

Regular contract cleaning – We can give you with a daily cleansing or a frequent cleaning that works around your working hours. Our personnel is available whenever you need them to ensure that your office space is in the best possible condition. All cleaning supplies and equipment will be provided by our knowledgeable crew. You’ll have peace of mind and a clean desk as a result. While we are based in Surrey, we provide business office cleaning services throughout the South East of the United Kingdom.

Car Showroom & Dealership Cleaning:

Customer satisfaction is vital for the organization, which runs to a very high quality of workmanship. We have a lot of experience in our sector because of our many years of experience. You may expect a fully professional, high-quality service at a reasonable price.

With a focus on high-quality work and long-term partnerships, we are a multi-service cleaning company that provides a wide range of services from a single, dependable source.

Regular contract cleaning – We may supply you with a daily cleanse or a weekly cleaning service that fits into your schedule. Our team may come in as often as you need them to guarantee that your showroom is sparkling clean. Our trained personnel will bring all of the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure quality showroom cleaning services as an experienced dealership cleaning company.

Deep cleaning – 

Three important things contribute to providing excellent commercial and office cleaning services: personnel, training, and flexibility. For over 17 years, Complete Cleaning & Maintenance has provided a comprehensive range of competent commercial cleaning and complementary specialised services in Surrey.

We’re confident that our commitment to hiring the most dedicated and efficient employees, giving top-notch training in all aspects of cleaning and hygiene, and delivering a flexible service customized to our clients’ specific needs has contributed to our continuous success.

Carpet and floor cleaning – With clients walking in and out of your facility all day, every day, filth and muck will inevitably accumulate on your showroom floor. It is critical to maintain a sharp and clean image in your dealership, whether it is carpeted or tiled. So why not hire Hodge Services, a professional showroom cleaning business, to give your showroom floor a deep and complete clean and give it the appearance it deserves?



Grounds Maintenance:

Hodge Services provides a full range of grounds maintenance services to our clients. Commercial buildings, residential community grounds, private landlords, schools, and a variety of other clients are among our clientele.

Our grounds maintenance section delivers a professional, specialized service all year long.

Ground services – 

Litter and leaf removal, gritting, hard surface weed removal, moss removal, pressure washing, lawn mowing, verge cutting, de-weeding, boarder maintenance, hedge trimming/cutting, planting, and many other services are available.

Washroom Hygiene:

If any female employees work for your firm, or if women from other companies come to visit, you may be breaking employment, environmental, or health and safety laws without even realizing it.

If you don’t provide a sanitary waste disposal bin, you may be breaking the law. The ‘Duty of Care’ Act mandates the management of sanitary waste until it is disposed of. A licensed carrier must transport waste, and a complete audit trail of documents must be available at all times. Failure to comply can result in a hefty fine or a prison sentence.

This rule applies to all commercial establishments, even if just one woman works there.

The Water Industries Act of 1991 backs up this rule, stating that no items should be flushed that could produce a clog in the sewer or drain.

We are all required by law as employers to offer adequate and appropriate washroom facilities for our employees.

Sanaway and Hodge Services have teamed up to provide some of the best washroom hygiene services at affordable prices.

What we manage – Air fresheners, urinal sanitisers, nappy disposal, soap dispensers, seat sanitisers, vending machines, hand drying, sharps & clinical waste, and entrance matting are all examples of feminine hygiene.

All Types of General Maintenance:

Hodge Services offers cost-effective property maintenance for a variety of organizations, including commercial offices, retail, residential community areas, and more.

Hodge Services has a number of long-term contracts with business owners and landlords throughout London and the South East, all of which highly recommend our general maintenance services. Our diverse staff of pleasant specialists ensures that you will always be able to access the right person for the job and that you will only have to deal with one business for all of your property care requirements.

Roofing, plumbing & drainage, electrics, painting & decorating, and much more are among our property maintenance services.

Changing light bulbs, PAT testing equipment, and regular plumbing checks are all part of routine maintenance.

Why choose us over any other office cleaning company?

Our services don’t end with cleaning; Hodge Services also offers a variety of support services, allowing you to focus on running a successful business.

Commercial cleaning services on a one-time, daily, or weekly basis.  To destroy 99 percent of bacteria and viruses, antiviral sanitation is used.  Each client has their own quality management system.  Services are fully insured up to £10,000,000 with a free, no-obligation estimate.

All of our cleaning professionals are insured, properly educated, and eager to help you with your tasks. All cleaners receive introductory training as well as on-field experience. We also keep track of all completed work on a regular basis. We want your feedback and evaluations so that we can ensure that the cleaning service you receive meets all of your requirements. The cleaning checklist can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

How much do you charge for your office cleaning services?

Most business offices are generally billed per hour, with some agencies charging by square meter for bigger commercial offices. Commercial cleaning in the UK costs on average between £12 and £17 per hour. This is why we offer a free estimate so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will be.