Leisure Facility Cleaning Services

Cleanliness and hygiene at leisure facilities are vital to the success and reputation of your business. With high footfall and numerous first-time visitors, it is utmost important to sustain a clean environment that both look professional, and feels hygienic. We can provide experienced and insured cleaning staff to provide thorough and reliable cleaning for your leisure facility.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning in popular hotels and leisure facilities can be a tricky task to carry out – due to the time-consuming labour involved. However, our experienced staff will make the duty as hassle-free as possible – while ensuring a thorough and deep clean, leaving your property spotless. This service covers cleaning of all the difficult places to reach that a regular cleaning contract service cannot provide.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

With numerous customers utilising your facilities daily, it is no wonder dirt and debris build-up deep within your carpets. It is far more affordable to provide the suitable care to prolong the life of your hotel and leisure carpets, that to regularly replace them. We can provide a deep and thorough cleansing of the carpets, bringing life and colour back to them.