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Professional cleaning services in Guildford

Hodge Services are one of the leading providers of cleaning services in Guildford and the surrounding area. Our professional team are available to help you keep your home or business spotless. We provide a cleaning service that keeps your property clean, hygienic and safe to live in. We can also help you with other services.

Do you need a cleaner to keep your home spotless?

Professional cleaning services help you keep your home clean, saving you time and energy. Home cleaning services can work with you to design a custom cleaning plan that meets your needs. If you need a cleaning service and want contact a cleaning company today, give us a call. Hodge Services will have a cleaner visit your home to ensure it’s neat and clean.

Domestic and commercial cleaning available

Our Guildford cleaners are available for all types of domestic and commercial cleaning work. Our selection of cleaning services includes 

Office Cleaning Services
Window Cleaning Services
Communal cleaning
Grounds maintenance

Cleaning Guildford properties has never been easier. Our cleaning team are friendly, efficient, and thorough, ensuring fantastic results once a job is completed.

How can a regular cleaning service benefit your home or business?

A regular cleaning service can benefit your home or business by keeping it clean, healthy, safe, and presentable. Eliminating the need to clean for hours on end. Hiring professional cleaners will leave you with less to do and let you concentrate on more important things. Homeowners are often too busy to keep their home looking good, or do not have the time or the skills to do so. A cleaning company can do the work for them, allowing them to focus on other things. A business owner will benefit from hiring a cleaning service to keep their business looking tidy, instead of relying on staff to do it during work hours. At Hodge Services, we can arrange a scheduled cleaning service for your home or business with customized tasks for your specific requirements.

Our cleaners travel to all areas of Guildford and its surroundings

Guildford’s surrounding areas are easily accessible, so working in these places doesn’t pose a problem. Our cleaning team are more than happy to travel outside of the town for cleaning assignments. We make sure appointments are organised at a time that suits you and aim to arrive promptly at the specified location, ready to start work. 

Hodge Services take the stress out of cleaning 

Domestic cleaning covers a whole range of chores. If you are already busy with tasks such as laundry and ironing, outsourcing the cleaning can really help. Using a cleaning service like ours gives you more free time in the day, and the peace of mind that the work is being completed in a professional, trustworthy manner.

We keep Guildford cleaning prices as competitive as possible

We work hard to ensure that our cleaning prices in Guildford are extremely competitive. Our commercial and domestic cleaning rates are affordable and offer great value with the level of service that we offer. 

Choose the best cleaning services in Guildford - call us today!

If you have a home or business in Guildford that needs an extra pair of hands to help with the cleaning, get in touch. Our friendly staff will be happy to book an appointment for you at the earliest convenient time. For more details about our services, or to contact us online, please visit our website.