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About our Cleaning Service

Hodge Services Ltd is a forward thinking and professional business that can significantly improve and maintain the standard of cleaning and grounds maintenance. We look to operate on a partnership basis with our clients and suppliers in order to ensure we have a full understanding of each other’s needs.

We believe in quality, commitment and professionalism in the way we deliver services to our customers. First class communication and responding to our clients’ needs quickly are essential in the way we work.

Our policy is to provide the most efficient, high quality and cost effective service with exceptional after sales services through our well-trained and motivated workforce.

Hodge Service ltd aim

  • Provide a consistent quality service in response to our client’s requirements and expectations.
  • To continually improve our customer service and implement programmes, processes and to establish procedures which promote good practice and allow us to meet and exceed our customer expectations.
  • To provide adequate training to employees and to encourage all employees to take responsibility for moving forward the business programmes.
  • To maintain up-to-date knowledge of current legislation and be aware of all International Standards Codes of Practice Guidance Codes and other such documents relevant to the Health, Safety and Environment.
  • To conduct all of our activities so as to ensure high standards of Health, Safety and Environmental management, and to encourage high levels of awareness throughout the organisation.
  • To comply with the guidelines set by Hodge Services Ltd, customers and relevant national and local legislation.
  • To take a long-term view to protect our business and manage risk.
  • To act responsibly and build a reputation that enhances our brand to all stakeholders.
  • To improve operational efficiencies across all of our contracts.
  • To keep employees, customers and other interested parties adequately informed concerning our performance.