Top Tips For Perfectly Clean Tiles

Keep kitchens and bathrooms sparkling in a workplace is the best way to a harmonious workforce, so be sure to get the best commercial cleaning Woking has to offer on the job. We’re experts at getting a perfect finish, but we love these tips and tricks to keep your ceramic tiled floors looking the best they can.

Ceramic tiles, for many people, are the go-to choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Not only can you find them in an array of designs and finishes, but they’re also hard wearing, durable and easy clean if kept on top of.

Make sure you vacuum and sweep your floors over a few times a week, as small dirt particles, if left, can scratch and damage tiles. Make sure debris is regularly removed and you’ll save yourself the job of trying to remove trodden-in dirt in the long run.

Once all the dirt is removed, next you should mop your floors – use hot water and mix with a non-harsh floor cleaner which can be diluted down. When it comes to picking the best mop for cleaning tiles and grout opt for a rag mop. Avoid a sponge type as these tend to hold more dirty water and soil grouting. Regularly change your water once it’s looking discoloured to avoid leaving dirty smears.

If you fancy cleaning your floors with something more eco-friendly then you can make your own cleaning solution which is just as effective. Mix a solution of lemon juice and table vinegar into hot water, clean the floor with the mixture and then buff the floor with a clean cloth or towel to give a great finish.

21st Sept 2017

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