Top Tips For An Office Clean Up

A tidy and clean workplace has been shown to improve productivity, so as well as paying for the best office cleaners in Guildford you may want to encourage your employees to do a bit of cleaning and tidying themselves.

Business Computing World recently highlighted research from, which found that a clean and tidy workplace can have benefits such as reducing sickness, improving morale and cutting stress levels.

So, if you want to take advantage of these benefits you may want to follow this advice.

First up is to ask each of your employees to declutter not only their physical workspace, but their digital desktop too. You might want to consider providing a supply of cleaning products to encourage them to tidy their desk, or set aside an hour or so when everyone can declutter their workspaces, physical and digital.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have dedicated areas set up for certain activities, such as a specific space for eating and taking a break. This will help encourage people to leave their desks at lunchtime, and keep those work areas cleaner as a result.

It’s not only about setting aside a space for particular activities either – everything should have its place in the office as this will help you to reduce clutter. From paperwork and stationery supplies to printers and other equipment, give everything a shelf, drawer or cupboard and stick to it.

You should also have a spot for office cleaning supplies, but if you leave them somewhere that people can see them, it could encourage your workers to clean their desks a bit more often, according to Lifehacker. 

28th Sept 2017

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