The Germiest Places In Your Home and Office Revealed

Keeping on top of cleaning and getting rid of bacteria is a never-ending task so you might be interested in finding the best office cleaning Surrey has to offer.

In our offices and homes, there are often many areas which are overlooked when it comes to cleaning. You might find it surprising, but the most unclean areas in the home are usually kitchens and the most clean and hygienic are bathrooms, according to new research.

Dr Gerba, Professor of Environmental Microbiology at the University of Arizona and lead author of this new study, spoke to ABC News about the findings, saying: “The bathroom is the most scrubbed room in the home. Kitchens are just not cleaned as well as they should be, especially cutting boards. The cutting board has about 200 times more faecal material than a toilet seat,” he said. 

Basically, we think the bathroom is a dirtier area, so we clean it more!

The best way to clean items of bacteria in your kitchens after use is to run them through the dishwasher on a high temperature. Pay close attention to cleaning areas of high contact with hands such as handles on the fridge and pantry cupboard. There are many places to find hidden germs outside the kitchen and bathroom though – computer and laptop keyboards, shared telephone and desk work tops are areas that hold a lot of bacteria.

It’s also been shown how, if another worker enters the office with a cold, the virus they are carrying can be spread to around 50 per cent of the office within a matter of hours, which is why regular cleaning should be carried out and antibacterial and disinfectant products used. Regularly wash hands or use hand sanitisers and remove shoes when entering your home.

28th Nov 2017

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