Remind Employees Of Importance Of Handwashing

Washing your hands regularly when you’re working in an office is always advisable, but during the winter months when there are more viruses and other bugs around, it becomes especially important.

Even with the best office cleaners in Guildford, germs can still spread if individuals don’t take the right precautions.

An article in the European Cleaning Journal recently suggested that it might be good to get workers to think about their habits around going to the toilet.

While 83 per cent of people surveyed by the publication state that they wash their hands, 40 per cent of office workers admit to taking their smartphones to the bathroom with them and browsing social media while they’re in there.

The news provider pointed out that it’s highly unlikely that any of them also wash their phones though, which means this is one way in which germs can be spread.

“This is a concern, as 80 per cent of viruses can be transmitted through physical contact and the flu virus can live on hard surfaces, like phones, for up to 24 hours,” it stated.

Washing your hands regularly can remove up to 80 per cent of the bacteria present on them, as well as reduce the risk of illness by up to 50 per cent, which means it’s an important way to keep your workforce healthy.

Being aware of some of the hotspots for germs in an office – and making sure these are regularly cleaned too – can be a good idea. Research by Initial Washroom Hygiene recently found that the office teabag caddy is one of the dirtiest spots, while fridge door handles, kettles and sugar pots all harbour high concentrations of bacteria.

21st Dec 2017

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