How To Avoid Pantry Moths

Get the best office cleaners Weybridge has to offer to make sure that your organisation avoids pest infestations.

One of the best ways to do this is to keep your offices as clean as possible. This will reduce the incidences of getting infested with pests like pantry moths.

Pantry moths are quite hard to avoid in some regards, as they will come into your home in the form of eggs which are present in bags of flour or products, but there are other measures you can take.  

First of all inspect all the food you already have in your office and look inside to see larvae, the moths themselves or the webs they make. These are often very visible in flour packets as the flour hangs off them. If you do find any then throw the product away outside.

If you don’t find anything, then lucky you. However, the fight doesn’t end there. See if you can invest in containers for your flour, rice and pasta (and other foods they like), so if you do inadvertently bring them into your home or office then they won’t spread very far before you find them.

Then you need to make sure you general levels of cleanliness are high, as pantry moths can live off literal crumbs. Leaving crumbs around the kitchen areas, for example, can encourage the proliferation of moths.

We can help you keep on top of it all though, so get it touch with us to book some regular cleaning.

22nd Jan 2018

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