Have You Heard Of Swedish Death Cleaning?

Swedish Death Cleaning isn’t as macabre as it sounds – it is in fact one of the latest decluttering and cleaning trends.

Business Insider reported on the concept which has been created by Swedish artist Margareta Magnusson and it refers to the idea of decluttering your home before you pass away, to leave your loved ones with less of a chore sorting your belongings once you’ve died.

In her book, she offers advice about cleaning your home and your life, suggesting that if you can’t find the motivation to clean for yourself then maybe you can do it for those you care about instead.

Her advice covers unwanted gifts and embarrassing items that you may not want your loved ones to find. Things such as letters from an secret love affair were given as an example of the latter – destroying them rather than causing pain to your family after you’re gone is the better option.

She also recommends getting rid of any unwanted gifts, rather than keeping them out of a sense of duty.

The guiding principle to her book is: “I often ask myself, will anyone I know be happier if I save this?”

While this kind of cleaning doesn’t necessarily apply to your work environment, there is one lesson you can take from it – that it’s good to reduce the clutter in your life. Last month research revealed that having a tidy work space can improve everything from morale to health, not to mention making life easier for your office cleaners in Woking.

25th Oct 2017

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