Could Office Cleaning Reduce Sickness Rates At Work?

There’s no doubt that summer is over and with it comes the cooler weather of autumn and, naturally, the start of cold and flu season.

In an office environment, especially one that’s open plan, it can be very easy for germs to spread, so could you reduce absence rates among your employees by making more use of commercial office cleaning in Surrey?

A recent article for HR News pointed out that sick leave collectively costs UK employers an average of £29 billion per year, which means that spending on an office cleaning service could offer better value for money than you think if you factor in the lower absence rates that come from a cleaner working space.

But it’s important that you encourage your workers to do their bit too. After all, cleaners can only do so much.

Everyone should wipe down their computer keyboards and phones regularly, as microbes that cause the common cold can survive on equipment for up to 72 hours.

It’s also worth reminding everyone of the importance of properly washing their hands after going to the toilet, to prevent faecal bacteria being transferred to other parts of the office.

One area that it’s especially worth watching is the communal kitchen, according to Dr Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona.

He told Healthline that some of the most common places contaminated with germs are the coffee pot handle in the kitchen, as well as the microwave and refrigerator doors. 

12th Oct 2017

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