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We like to keep our clients up to date with latest news from Hodge Cleaning Services as well as providing all the latest articles and comment in all fields related to the cleaning industry and facilities services.

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4th Sept 2017Top Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy
1st Sept 2017Top 50 Worker Grumbles Revealed!
2nd Aug 2017Top Tips For The Cleanest Bathroom Ever
26th July 2017SMEs ‘Need To Look At Office Management’
17th July 2017Can Dust Make You Fat?
29th June 2017Workers ‘Lose 13 Hours A Year’ Cleaning Offices
8th June 201743% Consider Cleaners & Gardeners ‘To Be A Necessity’
1st June 2017Cold Water ‘As Good As Hot’ For Removing Bacteria
31st May 2017What Does Your Office Say About You?
10th May 2017Tenants Admit Hiding Damage From Landlords
29th Apr 2017Spring Cleaners Issued Warning Over Pet Health & Cleaning Products
18th Apr 2017Chewing Gum Makers Urged To Help Clean Up
9th Mar 2017Spring Cleaning Hacks Using Everyday Items
7th Mar 2017How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your House?
23rd Feb 2017Would You Clean More If You Could See The Cleaning Products?
13th Feb 2017Should You Start Your Office Spring Clean Now?
26th Jan 2017Top Cleaning Secrets Shared Right Here!
23rd Jan 2017Stay Healthy At Work This Winter
9th Jan 2017Could You Benefit From A Tidier Desk?
3rd Jan 2017Is There A Green Cleaning Revolution Coming?
20th Dec 2016Getting Your Office Back To Normal Before New Year’s
12th Dec 2016Are Office Christmas Parties Bad For Our Health?
3rd Nov 2016More Cleaning Leads To Allergy Increases In Last 5 Years
1st Nov 2016London Offices To Trial ‘Pasty Delivery Services’
27th Oct 2016‘Flushable’ Wet Wipes Come Under Fire
30th Sept 2016Tidy Up Gardens To Get Ready For Autumn
26th Sept 2016Study Finds GM Enzymes In Cleaning Products Are Allergens
9th Sept 201631% Admit To Hiring External Help For Household Chores
25th Aug 2016Britain Basks In Bank Holiday Heatwave
22nd Aug 2016Woman Finds 7-Inch Tarantula While Cleaning!
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